PC Repair



We can:

    • Advise on buying a PC or build one for you.
    • Install new Operating System.
    • Install any new piece of hardware or replace an old one.
    • Install any peripherals.
    • Upgrade your Operating System to a newer version.
    • Tune up your system so it runs faster.
    • Get rid of annoying pop up messages.
    • Get rid of viruses that have infected your system.
    • Transfer your favorites, email messages, address book to a new PC.
    • Transfer any other data that is important to you.
    • Get you connected to the Internet. More than one PC at a time.
    • Set you up with a small network at home.
    • Install a router or firewall.
    • Recover your data if lost.
    • Find and install drivers for your hardware.


Basically, we work on any problems that you and your computer might encounter. 

Give us a call and you will not regret it.